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Cap Spartel

Located 14 km west of Tangier, Cap Spartel, also known as Cap Ampelusium or Cape of Vines, stands over 315 meters above sea level. This renowned cape offers a stunning viewpoint over the Strait of Gibraltar and is steeped in myth and legend.

Dominating the junction of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Cap Spartel withstands the relentless force of the seas, symbolizing Morocco's dignified resilience.

Home to Morocco's oldest lighthouse, the Cap Spartel promontory features this over 150-year-old beacon. The lighthouse, firmly anchored in the rocks with a tower stretching skyward, stands 25 meters tall from the ground and 95 meters above sea level, serving as a steadfast guardian against the elements.

The Cap Spartel lighthouse is a repository of stories, preserving a rich heritage for future generations to explore.

The Lighthouse

Climb the spiral staircase of our 160-year-old lighthouse and delve into the site's history, from its inception to the present day. At the summit, enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree view of the surroundings and observe cargo ships navigating the Strait of Gibraltar.


Witness the enduring Fresnel lens, a beacon that has safely guided countless vessels through these waters.


The Maritime Museum

The entrance to our maritime museum transports you to a bygone era, reminiscent of beautiful houses with open courtyards, featuring fountains, lush plants, and birds. The museum comprises twelve rooms, each dedicated to a different aspect of the lighthouse's rich history. These include the evolution of Morocco's oldest lighthouse, maritime signaling, tools and artifacts used in its operation, the stories of the dedicated keepers, and a replica of the Fresnel lens still in use today.


For our international visitors, we provide translations in English, Spanish, and Chinese.


The Botanical Garden

At Cap Spartel, we have dedicated considerable effort and passion to cultivating a magnificent botanical garden. We have meticulously preserved century-old olive, palm, and eucalyptus trees while enriching the garden with a diverse range of over 150 plant species.


The garden reaches its full bloom in spring and summer, but it remains a worthwhile visit in autumn and winter, thanks to our continuous introduction of seasonal plants, flowers, and trees. Informative cards have been placed beside selected plants throughout the site for educational purposes.


Our commitment to green spaces reflects our desire to create an exquisite natural environment for all to enjoy


The Vegetable Garden

At SoPhare Cap Spartel, our in-house restaurant, we are dedicated to providing the finest quality ingredients for our delicious dishes. Our kitchen garden produces a variety of fresh produce, including tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, butternut squash, red peppers, and lettuce, among others. In keeping with Tangier's traditions, we also cultivate various aromatic mints and herbs for our authentic Chamali tea.


We adhere to organic farming practices, avoiding pesticides and herbicides, and utilize a natural freshwater source rich in iron for irrigation.


Additionally, we have recently expanded our orchard with fruit trees like apple, banana, and guava, promising delightful smoothies for the summer. Bon appétit.


SoPhare Restaurant & Cafe

In Morocco, the culinary experience is revered, characterized by an array of varied, flavorful, and aromatic dishes. Our restaurant serves traditional Moroccan cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring specialties such as tagines, taktouka, zaalouk, and eggs with khlii. For those with a penchant for sweets, we offer delectable pancakes, waffles, and Moroccan Baghrir, perfectly complemented by Amlou.


Our beverage selection includes fresh Moroccan mint tea, premium coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice, alongside seasonal smoothies and mocktails.


Additionally, we highly recommend our Friday couscous, a celebrated weekly tradition not to be missed.


Art Exhibition

In our endeavor to highlight art at a site rich with history, we have introduced several art installations at Cap Spartel. These include a statue honoring a distinguished lighthouse guard and a grand marble piece symbolizing the connection between Europe and Africa.


Given Tangier's, and particularly Cap Spartel's, mythological significance—rooted in the belief that Hercules once sought refuge in a nearby cave—we have created a 'Mythological Path'. This features statues representing Hercules' feats, such as the Nemean Lion and the Cretan Bull, each accompanied by informative panels.


Additionally, we invite visitors to experience our 'Sunset Catcher' installation by a local artist, best viewed on summer afternoons, which beautifully encapsulates the essence of the site.

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